About us

What dyonix does

We are a team focused on providing modern Coworking and IT-Infrastructure services

Dyonix was founded in 2021 at the hight of the Corona Pandemic with the goal of providing modern IT Services to SMEs and incorporating over twenty years combined experience in the advanced technologies used in datacenters to achieve high availability, performance and security for clients.

Our customers range from architechture and civil engineering firms, to global enterprise companies in the retail and data processing sectors

In October 2022 we made the decision to move the company from Cologne to Rheinbach, in order to open the door to further expansion. With this move we extended our business offerings to include Coworking, thus providing a flexible and price-competitive space for remote workers also seeking a place to work, that is outside of their own home.

Meet the team

dyonix is being lead by two dedicated individuals

Alan Davies

Alan Davies

Founder and Managing Director

Dean Waterhouse

Dean Waterhouse

Managing Director

What we can offer you

We offer a number of differnent services to suit all your needs


Our new Coworking office in Rheinbach has all the ameneties for modern remote work. An office in a modern style, with a touch of the familiar.

Professional IT Services

We offer professional IT Services for business customers. Weather you need an overhaul of your current IT System, or require some advice on how to expand. We work with you to find the solution that fits your specific business needs

Datacenter Infrastructure

With over 14 years hands on experience in komplex IT infrastructure, we specialise in datacenter infrastructure projects. Weather you are planning an upgrade, a move, or are downsizing your on-premises infrastrucutre. Speak to us today, about what we can ofer you

Hardware, Software & Cloud

dyonix supplies IT Hardware from major vendors such as Dell, Apple, Fortinet, Veeam and Microsoft. Let's start a conversation today about how we can help you'


All modern Network infrastructures build on the stable performance of fiber optic cables. Dyonix plans and installs fiber optic cabling in your datacenter, or other requirement. Be it pre-terminated or cables that require splicing.

Firewalls and IP Networks

Modern Networks require high performance and massive capacities. At dyonix we cater for all network sizes, deploy the latest technologies to give you the bandwidth and network security that you need to conduct your business safely and efficiently